Boone County, AR
Election Information

Boone County Election Commission

John Cantwell-Democrat- Chairman
(870) 437-5285 

Arlon Hickman- Republican
(870) 391-5978 

Lavonne McCullough- Republican
(870) 743-1681 

The County Board of Election Commissioners consists of three (3) members:

 * one member appointed by the county committee of the majority party                                   (generally, the county committee chairman),                                                               * one member appointed by the county committee of the minority party                                   (generally the county committee chairman), and                                                           *one additional or third member of the majority party                                                                      (generally selected by the county party)

Each of the 75 counties in the State of Arkansas has a County Board of Election Commissioners responsible for conducting elections within its respective county. The County Boards' responsibilities include:


    * altering the boundaries of existing election precincts,
    * establishing new election precincts,
    * establishing a polling site for each election precinct,
    * selecting and appointing election poll workers

    * providing public notice of the time and polling sites for holding elections,

    * providing public notice of the candidates and offices to be elected,
    * providing ballots for absentee and early voting and voting on election day,
    * providing election supplies to the election officials,
    * completing a canvass of the returns of any election,
    * certifying the results of elections, and
    * providing a recount of the returns upon the petition of a candidate.


  Upcoming Elections:


 November 3, 2020 - Presidential General

    Early Voting will held October 19, 2020 to November 2, 2020

 Monday to Fridays 8am to 6pm (except 11/2/20 will close at 5pm),     Saturday's 10am to 4pm

                  At the Boone County Election Center.


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For any election questions or voter registration questions contact:

Boone County Election Center

414 W. Central, Suite B

Harrison, AR 72601