Boone County, AR
Election Information

Boone County Election Commission

John Cantwell-Democrat- Chairman
(870) 437-5285 

Arlon Hickman- Republican
(870) 391-5978 

Lavonne McCullough- Republican
(870) 743-1681 

The County Board of Election Commissioners consists of three (3) members:

 * one member appointed by the county committee of the majority party                                   (generally, the county committee chairman),                                                               * one member appointed by the county committee of the minority party                                   (generally the county committee chairman), and                                                           *one additional or third member of the majority party                                                                      (generally selected by the county party)

Each of the 75 counties in the State of Arkansas has a County Board of Election Commissioners responsible for conducting elections within its respective county. The County Boards' responsibilities include:


    * altering the boundaries of existing election precincts,
    * establishing new election precincts,
    * establishing a polling site for each election precinct,
    * selecting and appointing election poll workers

    * providing public notice of the time and polling sites for holding elections,

    * providing public notice of the candidates and offices to be elected,
    * providing ballots for absentee and early voting and voting on election day,
    * providing election supplies to the election officials,
    * completing a canvass of the returns of any election,
    * certifying the results of elections, and
    * providing a recount of the returns upon the petition of a candidate.


  Upcoming Elections:


 November 12, 2019 - City of Harrison Special Election

         Early Voting will held November 5th to 8th and 11th.

                                  8 am - 4:30 pm

                    At the Boone County Election Center

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(Please only enter: First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth)


March 3, 2020 - Presidential Primary/Annual School Election

 Early Voting will held February 17, 2020 to March 2, 2020

  Monday to Fridays 8am to 6pm (except 3/2/20 will close at 5pm), Saturday's 10am to 4pm

 At the Boone County Election Center.


Final List of County and School Board Candidates:


2020 Primary Filings.pdf



Offices/Current Holders up for Re-election in 2020


U.S. President/Vice President:4-yr term; Donald Trump/Mike Pence  

U.S. Senate:6-yr term;Tom Cotton(R)

U.S.House District 3:2-yr term;Congressman Steve Womack(R)



Senate District 16: 6-yr term: Breanna Davis (R)

House District 2-yr term;83: Keith Slape (R)

                                           98: Ron McNair (R)

                                           99: Jack Fortner (R)


Non-Partisan Judicial:

Circuit Judge District 14 Division 01: 6-yr term; Andrew Bailey

Circuit Judge District 14 Division 02: 6-yr term; Deanna Layton

Circuit Judge District 14 Division 03: 6-yr term; John Puttman

Circuit Judge District 14 Division 04: 6-yr term; Gordon Webb


State District Court District 4:4-yr term; Fred Kirkpatrick


Tips and reminders for a Primary Election

    • You will be required to show Photo ID
    • You will be asked to state your name, address and date of birth
      • this is to ensure you are you and that you receive the correct the ballot
    • You will be asked "What party's ballot would you like"
      • You are not declaring a party by answering this question, you are just choosing a ballot to vote on. In the primary, all candidates for the same office, same party candidates must compete against each other, the winners of each party for each race will then compete against each other in the General Election held in November. 
    • It does not matter how you are registered to vote (I.E. Republican, Democrat, or Optional), you can choose any party ballot but only one. Whatever party ballot you choose will only have candidates that are running under that party's name listed on it.
      • So let’s say voter Doe Fawn is registered as Optional in Voter Registration, Doe can choose the Democratic Ballot, the Republican Ballot or the Non-Partisan Ballot and it will not change how she is registered to vote. And she is not declaring to be apart of any party.
    • The Non-Partisan Ballot will only have Judicial and School Board races. Offices for US President, Congress, State House/Representatives, County JP or Constables will not appear on this ballot because they do not fall under the Judicial Category.
    • School Board races will appear on all ballot styles if there is a contested race. If the candidate is unopposed according to Arkansas State Law, that candidate is considered the winner and is declared as so and separately from the contested races.
    • Also unopposed candidates for County JP, Constable and School Board races will not appear if they are not contested. They will automatically be declared winners.
    • All other County Offices (County Judge, County/Circuit Clerk, Sheriff, Assessor, Collector, Treasurer, Coroner and Surveyor) are now elected to 4-year terms and will not be up for re-election until 2022.


November 3, 2020 - Presidential General

    Early Voting will held October 19, 2020 to November 2, 2020

 Monday to Fridays 8am to 6pm (except 11/2/20 will close at 5pm),     Saturday's 10am to 4pm

                  At the Boone County Election Center.


Click ---->Voter View to view a sample ballot



For any election questions or voter registration questions contact:

Boone County Election Center

414 W. Central, Suite B

Harrison, AR 72601