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Candidate Information

2020 November General Candidate Information

2020 Municipal Filings

Please note that candidates for all other offices had their filing period back in November 2019 to appear on the March 2020 Primary Ballot

Important Dates:

  • Monday August 10, 2020 all non-incumbent candidates are required to file a Statement of Financial Interest at the Election Center.


  • For opposed candidates, ballot draw date and time to determine ballot placement will be announced as soon as possible.


  • Early Voting will begin October 19 and will end on November 2. Voting hours are Monday to Friday 19th-23rd and 26th-30th 8am to 6pm; Saturdays the 24th and 31st 10am to 4 pm; Monday November 2nd 8am-5pm.


  • Tuesday October 27th, opposed candidates pre-election report is due at the Election Center


  • November 4th to December 30, all candidates (opposed/unopposed) are required to file a final report at the Election Center.