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General Election Day

Nov 03, 2020

Election Day, voting hours are 7:30 am to 7:30 pm at the following locations:

Alpena Community Center located at 107 Hwy 62 East, Alpena, AR. 

Bellefonte City Hall located at 3221 Hwy 65 South, Bellefonte, AR. 

Bergman City Hall located at 272 Main St. East, Bergman, AR. 

Burlington Baptist Church located at 12431 Denver Rd, Omaha, AR. 

Capps Trinity Baptist located at 5580 Hwy 392, Harrison, AR. 

Cottonwood Fire Dept located at 5386 Cottonwood Rd, Harrison, AR. 

Diamond City Hall located at 232 W. Grand Avenue, Diamond City, AR. 

Hilltop Fire Dept. located at 10911 Hwy 43 S., Harrison, AR. 

Lead Hill 1st Baptist located at E. Hwy 14, Lead Hill, AR. 

Omaha City Hall located 23713 Old Hwy 65 N., Harrison, AR. 

Valley Springs City Hall located 8141 Elm Rd, Valley Springs, AR. 

Woodland Heights Baptist Church located 1001 Gipson Rd, Harrison, AR 

Boone County Election Center located 414 W Central, Harrison, AR 

Boone County is a Vote Center, meaning anyone can go to any location and vote!!!!


To view the races/ballot issues, click the link below: