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Municipal Candidate Filing

Aug 03, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022

Candidate Filing will begin at noon August 3rd and end at noon on August 10. All filing will take place at the Election Center located at 414 W. Central in Harrison during the office hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Candidates may pick up packets at the Election Center starting May 12 to begin circulating petitions.

Independent candidates running for municipal offices with Mayor-Council form of government may file petitions of nomination, affidavit of eligibility and political practices pledge with the county clerk.
County clerk must determine whether or not the petition contains a sufficient number of qualified electors within ten (10) days.
Ark. Code § 14-42-206(b)(1)

Write-in candidate can file a notice of intent to be a candidate, a political practices pledge, and an affidavit of eligibility with the county clerk.
Ark. Code § 6-14-111(g)